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The everyday magic of Do Little


A magical world

Do Little puts your child at the centre of an experience like no other. Every shared journey is the opportunity to see the world around them from a whole new point of view – while helping them learn about bike safety and grow in confidence.


A perfect fit

The Do Little is strategically positioned between the adult rider and the handlebars.

This mid-mount design preserves best bike balance, allowing the child to sit securely between the parent’s arms, while providing enough room for mum or dad to pedal freely.


Safe and sound

Do Little bike seats are manufactured from high quality, high strength steel and finished with a luxurious, protective black-satin powder coat. Safety never looked so sleek.

Not to be outdone, the ergonomic soft saddle allows for comfortable riding and unchanged adult pedaling.


Fit your frame

Do Little is the result of 20 years innovating, testing and evolving designs to create a highly functional and beautifully straightforward kids bike seat.

Every seat is ready to go straight out of the box with quick and easy installation and all tools provided.


Loved by
mother earth

We believe in ethical manufacturing, using sustainable and recyclable materials with zero plastic packaging to minimise our environmental impact.

About Us

The Do Little story

The Do Little Bike Seat was created by two Kiwi parents, passionate about sharing the magic of biking with children around the world.