Do Little Kids Do More

What style of bike do I have?

Will my Do Little fit my existing bike frame?

Do Little seats fit almost every bike frame. From mountain bikes, cruisers, electric bikes, and road bikes, we can make it work. Check out our regular and large frame dimensions below to find your perfect Do Little! If you are still unsure, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to get you and your family out biking.

Regular size frames

Dimension requirements

Top tube up to 50mm (2 inches) wide.

Down tube up to 80mm (3.15 inches) wide.

Tubes must be a minimum of 50mm (2 inches) apart, measured vertically (this measurement is primarily for step through frames).

Cannondale Bad Habit 2 Standard Mountain Bike

Standard mountain bike

Road Bike Frame Using Short Adaptor Fitting


Hybrid Bicycle

Step through

Muddyfox Tempo 200 Hybrid Bike

Road bike

Large size frames

Dimension requirements

Top tube up to 70mm (2.75 inches) wide.

Down tube between 60 – 110mm (2.4 – 4 inches) wide.

Carrera Vendetta Mens Mountain Standard E-Bike

Standard e-bike

Rocky Mountain Altitude 770 Msl

Large frame mountain bike

Scott Voltage Fr 710 Bike

Mountain e-bike

Bike styles that DO NOT fit the Do Little

  • Folding
  • Tandem
  • Single tube

Still unsure?

Contact us and we’ll get back to you with our recommendation.


A magical world

There’s something special about riding a bike. It adds that little bit of fun to every outing. That’s why we designed the Do Little ‘Original’ seat over 20 years ago, so that magical feeling could be shared with your little person. 

With them at the centre of the action, every journey to the shop, to the beach or to the park becomes a special shared experience. 

Do Little creates an amazing opportunity for you to see life through your little person’s point of view as you explore this whole new world around you. 

Ride together, giggle together, and enjoy the magical memories you make along the way.


A perfect fit

What makes the Do Little seats different to other kids bike seats?

Our seats are mid-mounted, meaning that the child is positioned on the bike between the adult rider and the handlebars. This style of kids bike seat is safer, more secure, and more stable as the balance is preserved. 

And our favourite part is that you get the added bonus of feeling like you’re giving them a hug every time you head out for a bike ride! That’s the magic of Do Little.

Customer Review

Sleek design. Sturdy construction. Fun for both parent and toddler. 

Very happy with this product! Pretty straightforward installation instructions. 

Feels extremely sturdy. I like where it’s connected to the bike vs. suspending off the seat post like other brands. (I purchased a highly reviewed competitor that goes on the seat post and it required me to raise the seat bar too high to where I couldn’t ride my bike comfortably. Also, the other product would swing.) 

I like the sleek black design and foot rests as well. Feels safer than i had expected for an open toddler seat. My son sits between my arms and i can interact with him vs. the traditional child seat options. 

Highly recommended.

– Jay Yam, USA

Customer Review

Not only are these bike seats awesome, and have a higher weight limit than their competitors, meaning my larger 5 year old can also ride with us, but Do Little’s service is OUTSTANDING!

We asked for advice on how to repair a seat that had lost a couple of parts and been pretty abused, well outside of the warranty period, and they repaired it for us and supplied the parts needed to keep it running. They are really lovely people to deal with.

Thank you Frank and your team for being so accommodating and helping us out, it is so appreciated. Lots of fun adventures to be had!

Emma C.