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At Do Little, we want to share the magic with everyone. While you’ll find our team in the beautiful coastal town of Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, Do Little seats are stocked worldwide by our numerous awesome distributors. So go ahead, plug in your location to find a Do Little seat in a store closest to you! 

Whether you’re riding through snowy streets, cruising through town, or biking through lush native bush, a Do Little seat is a fun way to share the experience with your little bikers.


Customer Reviews

“It will make great memories – It was perfect for my 4 year old son. He rides in front with me and my other son (2 yrs) rides behind in the tow trailer.” – The Galvans 

“Easy Installation, very comfy to use – Incredible product. Our 5 yrs old refuses to come down. Worked well for our EMTB Specialized Turbo Levo.” 

“This seat is amazing. Easy to install with enough brackets for handling any angle of the top bar. My kid was secure and comfortable (6miles everyday for 5 days). Loved it. She’s now ever ready to go on a bike ride… Amazing product – safe and sturdy” – PT

“Awesome for riding with Kids! This is a purchase I would make over and over! My 2yo loves that he gets to ride on the front and see what’s going on.” – Mindy R

Customer Review

Great solution if you want to infect your kids with the mtb-virus early on. My 3 year old enjoys every ride. It takes me 5 – 10 realistic minutes to change the seat from one bike to another, so this is pretty easy. I’d definitely recommend it!

Bedu B.

Customer Review

Not only are these bike seats awesome, and have a higher weight limit than their competitors, meaning my larger 5 year old can also ride with us, but Do Little’s service is OUTSTANDING!

We asked for advice on how to repair a seat that had lost a couple of parts and been pretty abused, well outside of the warranty period, and they repaired it for us and supplied the parts needed to keep it running. They are really lovely people to deal with.

Thank you Frank and your team for being so accommodating and helping us out, it is so appreciated. Lots of fun adventures to be had!

Emma C.