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Simply yes. This is a world wide unique design.

The design principle of the Do Little Bike Seat is that the load is transferred directly on to your bike frame without additional bars added. The safety benefits of our mid-mounted Do Little Bike Seat are that your weight distribution through your frame remains largely unchanged and that your centre of gravity is preserved.  This is in direct contrast to a rear mounted bike seat where the load is over or behind the rear tyre causing your front tyre to be lighter on the ground giving you less steering control and the wobbles. Likewise, front mounted bike seats put all the weight over the front tyre greatly increasing the risk of flipping over the handle bars under breaking conditions or when going downhill.

With the Do Little, your child is always under your full view and control, however, it is up to you to ride within your own safety limits.

No. Your bike frame is safe. It is protected at all points of contact by rubber padding.

The Do Little Bike Seat is safe for all frames including carbon fibre. There is little to no risk of damaging your bike frame tubing as the bolts don’t need to be excessively tightened to obtain a secure hold.

View bike tube dimension requirements

If you are still unsure about fit, we have an awesome support team who would love to help you.

Flick us an email through our contacts section with your bike make, model, year, and picture (or link), and we will get back to you.

Our Do Little Bike Seat is suitable for children anywhere from 18 months to 7+ years old.

As long as your child has good balance and can follow your instructions to hold on to the handle bars, then they’re ready to go.

This product has been Engineer Certified by an independent testing company with a safe load rating of up to 30kg / 66.1 lbs.

In short the answer is no. However, we would re-phrase that question to ‘Should your child be strapped in?’

Consider this, ‘you’ will not be strapped in. Your child needs the same freedom of movement. When you hit rough terrain they will be able to rise from the saddle, as you do. In the event of a fall they will be thrown clear of the bike, as you will. Your arms encircling your child are the very best kind of safety straps.

Remember your child is always under your full view and control and it is up to you to ride within your own safety limits.

No. They are fixed in position and there is no need for them to be adjustable. As your child grows they arrive at more of a seated position than a semi-standing position. This is perfectly comfortable.

Both the Do Little Original and Do Little BIGGIE have undergone extensive, independent load, composite, material, and strength testing by third party professional testing labs. Both versions of the Do Little have passed all mandatory and recommended tests they have undergone.

These test results ensure the Do Little kids bike seats are fully compliant with the rules and regulations of:

  • the US CPSIA and we proudly stand behind our Child Product Certificate required under these regulations
  • the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (“CCPSA”)
  • the European General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC
  • the applicable sections of other EU Directives and Regulations for Toys and Bike Seats
  • the applicable ISO standards for cycles
  • the CE Marking Directive (no CE mark is required).
  • the EC No 1907/2006 REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals)
  • the Australian AS3990 standard for mechanical equipment steelwork
  • strength/load testing (not mandated by any country) proves that Do Littles are safe for passengers up to 30 kg (66 lbs), with an additional 20% overload buffer
Click on the links below to access Do Little Original and BIGGIE fitting instructions:
Enviornmental Responsibility
As a company full of people who really care, we at Do Little are taking our environmental responsibility seriously. We want our planet to be a happy and healthy place for our kiddies, your kiddies, and all life. ​We applaud you for getting out there on a bike whether for fun or convenience. So it is our duty to support you in your environmental role by doing the best we can, right?!

Keep checking in to see the changes we are making. We will add to our ‘chuffed’ list so you can keep an eye on us.

Chuffed that:​
  • Do Little packaging is 100% plastic-free
  • Do Little frame is made from steel, a sustainable and recyclable material

Tickled pink that:
  • Do Little donates to the NZ Forest & Bird Society
  • Do Little staff enjoy taking care of their bottom line with smartass Products
  • Do Little uses Earthwise products to keep our office space ship shape
  • Do Little HQ reuses and recycles

Ethical Responsibility
People are important to us, too. So where and how our Do Little is made is a priority to our team.

When we shifted production to Taiwan for quality reasons, we ensured the Do Little was being produced by a company whose values resonated with ours.

This meant that Franky got a trip to Taiwan to meet our procurement company as well as our manufacturer and their production facility and sub-contract suppliers.

We are well pleased to be able to say the staff are valued and taken care of in a positive and safe working environment where they presented professionally in uniforms. They are subject to a minimum wage, based on a five day working week where overtime is subject to penal rates.

We have a close relationship with these companies whom we have found to be honest, honorable and completely trustworthy.

Shipping to New Zealand and Australia is FREE when you order the Original or BIGGIE Do Little. Shipping charges apply for other countries and are calculated at checkout.

Customs Charges
Do Little is not responsible for any customs charges incurred. Every country has different rules and it’s up to you to deal with this.

Tracked and Untracked Shipping
Do Little endeavours to use a secure, reliable and dependable courier service, including DHL and Courier Post, for all our domestic and international customers. We do not accept responsibility for lost packages. However we will assist in resolving any shipping issues should this highly unlikely event occur.