The Do Little Story

Do Little is a small Kiwi company with family values and big dreams.

Our story begins in the 1990s, with two keen mountain-biking brothers-in-law who wanted to hit the trail as a family. They searched for something that would allow them to take their toddlers along for the ride – but soon realised there was nothing available.

Like many innovative Kiwis before them, they took matters into their own hands, tinkering around in their garage to create the first prototype – which they called the “Eccentric Kids Bike Seat”.

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When fellow mountain bikers saw the game changing seat, they couldn’t wait to get one for their own families. Demand for the innovative seat grew and soon cycle stores wanted to stock it.

So the two innovators took their seat into production. These days families enjoy the magic of Do Little all over the world and the rest, as they say… is history.

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