Do Little Bike Seat Warranty Information

Do Little Ltd offers a 12 month warranty on workmanship and materials for the Do Little Bike Seat.

To make a claim return your Do Little Bike Seat to place of purchase. The product must be inspected before any claims can be confirmed.

Any damage arising from mishap or reasonable wear and tear will not be covered by warranty.

Modifying your Do Little Bike Seat will void your warranty.

Do Little Bike Seat Disclaimer Statement

The Do Little Bike Seat is an accessory to your bike. It is designed in such a way not to be self supporting but rather to be fully fixed to your bike frame and fully supported by your bike frame.

Any modifications to your Do Little Bike Seat or its fixing will void any warranties and will be at purchasers risk.

Your Do Little passenger will be unrestrained and as such carries inherent risks similar to those risks of riding a bike and more.

Do Little Ltd have provided the purchaser with clear fitting instructions included with the Do Little Bike Seat and also on the website

If you have any questions relating to the fitting of your seat please contact Do Little Ltd to address these.

The purchase and the use of your Do Little Bike Seat constitutes a purchaser contract agreement. Under this contract agreement the purchaser:

  • understands and accepts the risks associated with the use of the Do Little Bike Seat
  • understands and has fitted the Do Little Bike Seat correctly as per the instructions provided
  • has read and accepted the Do Little Bike Seat disclaimer statement
  • uses the Do Little Bike Seat at their own risk

If you do not accept these conditions please return your unused Do Little Bike Seat to original place of purchase for a full refund.