How Safe Is a Front Mount Child Bike Seat?

Father and Son Cycling Along the River's Edge

As parents, it’s always enjoyable to spend time engaging in activities with your child in the outdoors. Biking is often a favorite option for many families. Several options exist for parents who wish to mount a child seat to their bike, including the front mount child bike seat. Is it safe to do so? Does the child sitting in this position have a higher risk of injury?


Know the Limitations First

Most often, it is not wise to place your child in a bike seat of any type until they are about 18 months old or old enough to maintain their stability while sitting up. Additionally, it is important to know that upper limits exist as well. Manufacturers generally provide insight about the height and weight of the child, as a child that is too large could be at a higher risk of injury.

Any insight into the safety of a front mount child bike seat does not matter if you do not follow the safety requirements set by the manufacturer. Always check these before purchasing.


How a Front Mount Child Bike Seat Works

A front mount child bike seat simply mounts to the front of the bike’s main seat instead of behind the bike rider. That means your child is sitting in front of you rather than behind. When you ride your bike, the child is between your arms, where you can see and help them at any given time.

In this design, the child’s view in front of them is unobstructed. They can see what’s happening and engage more readily in the bike ride as a result. It also helps to improve conversations between bike rider and child – you can hear them, see them, and even interact with them as you need to do so.


Are There Disadvantages to a Front Mount Seat?

There could be a few concerns about the use of front mount seats in some situations. For example, if your child is tall, their helmet may obstruct your view. Also, it is important to ensure that the size of the seat and the actual access you have to the handlebars do not limit your ability to steer properly. In some cases, a child that’s positioned improperly or one that is larger may cause a more awkward riding position making peddling more difficult.

Also, note that a child may be able to kick and grab the handlebars now that they are in the front of the bike. It is important to be mindful of your child’s activities while using the bike to minimize risk.


Is a Rear Child Seat a Good Thing?

For parents that really want to enjoy time on their bike with their child, the first option they often think about is the rear mounted seat. This is more common because it is more readily available. However, this isn’t always the best option.

First, there are a few benefits to this type of seating position. Some mounts allow for movement of the seat, including a reclining position, which could improve comfort. Some also offer suspension systems for added stability.

However, there is no way for you, as the rider, to see your child while you are riding. That’s very dangerous. If the child puts something into their mouth, for example, there is no way for you to know what’s happening. If the child is crying, you may not hear it either since conversations are difficult.

In addition, children are not able to see in front of them. They have to look from one side to the other during the ride. That may make it less enjoyable for some children.

The other concern is that it’s harder to lift your leg over the installed seat, especially for people who are shorter in stature. That’s a problem no matter if the child is in the seat or not.


Why a Front Mounted Child Bike Seat Often Works the Best

While everyone may seem to have their preferences when it comes to which format is best for the child, it is important to look at a few core reasons to go with a front mount.

First, the front mount seat allows you to maintain a watchful eye on your child. If you plan to go on long bike rides or even just around the corner, you need to be able to see your child. What if they start to fall out of the harness in the seat behind you? It’s not uncommon for a toddler to be able to climb out or just pull out of harnesses from time to time. You would not know this is happening until there is a problem, such as an accident.

The other core benefit is communication. If your child is in front of you, you can talk to them, engage with them along the route, and even help them to learn to love spending time with you. If your child begins to be fidgety and isn’t able to sit still, you can cradle them a bit between your arms to calm them and reassure them. That helps you get back home without having to stop too many times to check on your child.


Quality Is Paramount When Choosing This Option

If you are in the market to purchase a front mount child bike seat, buy a high-quality and well-designed model. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Ensure it is fully in compliance with all safety requirements.

Choose the proper seat position to ensure there is ample room for you to see over your child while they are in position.

Test it out before a long ride. Be sure you have enough strength and balance to be able to manage the weight of yourself and your child in this position.

Most importantly, buy a quality product from a leader in the industry. Check out Do Little. We offer a 100% compliance bike seat that you can easily and quickly add to your bike on the go. It offers lots of support for you and can help you go for a few rides with your child. Use it for children 18 months to 7 years with confidence.

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