Child Seat for Electric Bike vs Normal Bike

Do Little Bike Seat on Mountainbike

A child seat for an electric (or traditional) bike is a saddle-like apparatus attached to the bicycle’s frame for a child to sit on. A child seat can either be attached to the front end or the back end of the bike. (Not sure which is best? Check out this article: “Front Or Rear Bike Seat, Which One Is Best?”

For most parents, guardians, and anyone taking care of a child, the most important question is whether or not a child seat is legal and safe! Luckily, it’s 100% legal and relatively safe to take a child along for the ride in a fitted child bike seat.

However, that does not mean that there aren’t any safety protocols to follow or crucial factors to consider.

The first factor to consider when choosing a child bike seat is which kind of bicycle you will be using it on. Although aspects such as the child’s age and weight are important, they are dependant on the type of bicycle you intend to use.

Whether you’re looking to take your child on a joyride on an electric or normal bike, we got you covered. Our Do Little Standard and Biggie models will cater to your child’s comfort and safety and ensure both of you enjoy a danger-free adventure.


What is the Difference Between an Electric Bike and a Normal Bike?

A normal bike refers to a traditional, mechanical bicycle. The main difference between a normal bike and an electric bike is that an electric bike has an electrical drive system comprising a battery and motor. The motor makes riding easier by assisting the cyclist as they pedal so that they don’t exert too much force.

Electric bikes also have sturdier frames and more modern designs that optimize movement to make the riding experience better. They also make riding on rough terrain less strenuous because of the help from the motor.

All this is great, but how do these relevant aspects impact the installation of a child seat and its safety?


Reasons for a Child Seat for Electric Bike vs Normal Bike

Although electric bikes are definitely more expensive than traditional bikes, there’re several explanations for why they’re the best option for a child seat. Here they are:


1) Child Seats for Electric Bikes Weigh Less

Electric bikes weigh more than traditional bikes. The average weight of an electric bike is 24-25 kg, in comparison to 10-15 kg for a traditional bike. So, why do child seats for electric bikes tend to weigh less?

The answer lies in how the electric bike is built. The fact that it’s heavier means that it’s built with stronger materials and has a sturdier frame. Not only does this mean that the bike will manage to support the weight, but also that it will bear most of it as you ride the bike.

It is worth remembering that electric bikes make riding easier by helping the cyclist pedal with less strain. Therefore, you won’t feel like an extra load has been added to your bike.

It’s worth mentioning that although heavier bikes experience more inertia, the motor on an electric bike helps overcome this challenge.

Therefore, although electric bikes are heavier, on average, than traditional bikes, the extra weight of adding a child seat will not make riding any harder.


2) Child Seats for Electric Bikes are Safer

As mentioned already, electric bikes have stronger frames and a sturdier build. They also do not create additional strain for the rider of the bike. Unless stated otherwise by manufacturers, most electric bikes are suitable for both front and rear child seats. However, few traditional bikes are strong enough for child seats.

Although child seats are relatively safe, as the adult riding with the child, you need to be confident and comfortable. Anxiety and nervousness will make you more prone to accidents than you’d think. It’s good practice to train yourself by riding with extra weight in a backpack, for instance.


3) Child Seats for Electric Bikes Make Riding Easier

The build of an electric bike makes the child seat weigh less for the rider than it would have on a traditional bike. The motor of the bike also makes pedaling much easier.

An electric bike fitted with a kids seat is a great substitute for taking your toddler on an outing in their car seat. It will also depend on your confidence, of course. However, an electric bike makes it easier for you to enjoy your ride, pay attention to the child you are carrying, and have a good time with them.

Carrying your child along for a ride on your favorite terrain doesn’t ever have to be a hassle.


4) Child Seats for Electric Bikes are More Comfortable

Electric bikes are well-known for giving riders a smoother riding experience. With electric bikes, the uncomfortable feeling of being thrown around when the bike hits a bump is almost eliminated. This is achieved by fatter tires and a generally larger build.

For you, it only adds to the pleasure of taking a ride with your special little buddy. For the child, it makes the experience calm and relaxing, especially if they get agitated easily. The constant rattling and shaking that can so often be experienced on bike rides can be a major source of stress for any child.


Things to Consider Before Installing a Child Seat on Your Electric Bike

Now that we have established the advantages that electric bikes have over traditional bikes, we need to consider the diversity that comes with their construction. What kind of electric bikes are suitable for child seats? Which design is best for a front seat and/or a rear seat? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Avoid installing rear child seats on electric bikes that have the battery fitted to the pannier rack.
  • Electric bikes with the battery fitted lower on the bike will offer extra stability and are thus better for child seats, which add weight to the upper part of the bike.
  • Full suspension mountain bikes and carbon electric bikes are not suitable for child seats.

With this information at hand, you should be ready to make your choice!


So is a Child Seat for an Electric Bike the Better Option?

Although electric bikes are more expensive than traditional bikes, they are the best bikes for installing a child seat. They are safer, more efficient, and offer your little one more comfort and ease during the ride. Order your Biggie child seat from Do Little today and enjoy a straightforward design, quality product with maximum performance for both riders.

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