Adult Bike Front Child Seat Fitting

Dad and Son Riding Bike Through Forrest With Front Child Seat Fitted

Fit a Front Child Seat on Your Bike for Added Fun and Safety

There’s a different kind of fun involved in biking, either through alleyways in the city or lush countryside landscapes. For most people, biking is a great form of exercise. It not only flexes your body muscles but also flushes your system with positive, happiness-boosting hormones. The fun of it increases all the more when you have your little one with you. But if you have a bike and wish to take your toddler on a ride, you should definitely have an adult bike front child seat fitted.

An adult front child seat is fitted on the front half of the bike, just in front of the adult rider. It is attached to the main frame’s upper horizontal tube. The configuration helps you to maintain visual contact with your child while riding. Also, both your arms surround your little one’s seating area, providing them the safety they need while riding. Ideally, you should have a front seat if your little one is between 9 months and 3 years. It takes a small amount of getting used to at first, but this front-mounted seat is essential to maintain the comfort and safety of your child.


Installing a Child Seat on The Front of Your Bike

Different brands of child seat fittings have different mechanisms for installation. To install this front-mounted seat, it’s important to have enough room between the handle bar and the seat. As such, the bike frame’s top tube should be at least 20 inches in length. Maintaining this space limit ensures that the child is comfortably seated while riding.

Another important aspect to consider is the diameter of the bike frame’s top tube. It should perfectly fit into the mounting brackets. That’s why we have developed 2 models: one that fits a traditional bike and one that fits an electric bike. The child seat cannot be fitted on the following bikes: fold-up, tandem and single-tube bikes.


Using a Bike Front Child Seat


Now that you have an idea of how a child seat works on the front of your bike, let’s get to know more about its advantages. Firstly, installing the seat would let you have your eyes on the child throughout your ride. Since your little one will be seated in front of you, you can better ensure his or her safety while riding. You can talk and laugh together as you pedal through the city or the countryside, thus ensuring that your little one does not feel left out in any way. It’s truly a great installation to increase the joy of biking. 


New Beginnings

For very young babies, the idea of going on a bike can be intimidating, especially when it’s their first time. They often get used to being in the familiar safety of the home space, either playing in your lap or wriggling in the cot. Installing a bike front child seat allows you to introduce the outside world to your little one comfortably and safely. The seat places your child in the front of the bike, allowing him or her to enjoy the unobstructed view of the surroundings. After a few rides, your little one is sure to love being with you on your bike. After all, the fresh breeze sweeping past and clear view of the outdoors would surely be a welcomed change to fill your toddler’s heart with joy.


Before Investing

However, before you invest in an adult bike front child seat, you should be aware of certain usage considerations. Some riders may find these seats inconvenient because your child’s helmet may hamper your view of the road ahead. In that case, you will have to adjust the height of your seat, and ensure you have a good frontal view without compromising your ability to reach the pedals. Also, the weight of your child and the size of the seat may affect your steering ability. So, you will have to ensure that the seat you choose fits your pedaling position, riding tracks, and child’s physique. For front-mounted seats, the average weight limit is up to 30 pounds for an age range of 9 months to 3 years. However, this may vary depending on the specific brand you choose.


What to Look for While Buying an Adult Bike Front Child Seat

Here are a few factors to consider while buying an adult bike front child seat fitting:

1.      Shape of the seat: First and foremost, the seat you choose should have a comfortable, safety-focused shape. It also helps to have a seat that’s designed the same as an actual bike seat. This will help your child adopt a good riding form.

2.      Safety features: Besides an ergonomic design, a bike front child seat fitting should have essential safety considerations, such as having the child in between your arms and in your direct view.

3.      Suspension: The suspension of the child seat fitting guarantees extra comfort to your little one by preventing the transmission of any vibration from the bike’s frame to the seat. A seat with a good suspension cushioning ensures that your child is seated comfortably even when subjected to jolts of uneven terrains.


To Conclude

While biking is a great leisure activity, in no way should it compromise your or your little one’s safety and comfort. Installing a front child seat on your bike would simply multiply your joy of biking with your child, while giving the little soul the much-needed time outdoors. If you are looking for an innovative and high-quality option, you can check out Do Little Bike Seats. Everyday bike rides will become adventurous time shared between you and your loved ones with our front-mounted bike seats.

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